Co-founder of Boludo, Chappa has had film and advertising in his veins since he was born, all thanks to his father, a renowned Latin American Producer. He went through every possible area of audio-visual production until he fulfilled his dream: becoming a Director, his real passion for the last 13 years.

He has filmed a number of ads and video-clips in Argentina, Ecuador and Venezuela. Some of his work can be seen for distinguished clients, such as: Sony Pictures, Chevrolet, DirecTV, Fox, Honda and Budweiser. He has also won a number of awards, such as: Gold Promax Latam, Martín Fierro and TNT’s Proyecto 48.


Amilcar’s fascination of “Un Perro Andaluz” prompted him to an education in Film and Theatre simultaneously.

A short while after he began his work in Television to then move to Film where he was a part of international films of different scale; some whole-hearted independent films as well as large-scale productions with hefty budgets.

As a Film Director he won distinguished awards in the U.S.A., Mexico, England, France, Switzerland, Sweden, Iran, Japan and Argentina.

As a Director he will always be seen behind the cameras and not the monitors and if there’s a “mate” (Argentine tea) around the better.

Amilcar Machado's work


Crudo is a lover of the unusual and a fan of detail. She has her own cinematographic look and identity: strong and feminine.

A Pisces and a Lynch fan; she studied at the Argentine Film University (Universidad del Cine) and at a tender age of 26 has directed successful fashion-films and ads in different cities: Buenos Aires, Hong Kong, Paris, Boston and Santiago de Chile among others and in 2015 she received a special mention at the Cannes’ Lions Masters Of Creativity.